What Is Ubuntu Cleaner? Ubuntu Cleaner is a tool that makes it easy to clean your ubuntu system. How to build & test. make deb generates a .deb package ready to be installed. make clean cleans all the generated files due .deb compilation. make test runs the tests. Setup via PPA. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gerardpuig/ppa adds ubuntu-cleaner ppa.

linux - Clear a terminal screen for real - Stack Overflow I'd change the topic "Clear the Ubuntu bash screen for real" --> "Clear a terminal screen for real" – Ra_ Apr 11 '16 at 14:54. There are many different terminal types with which you can run Bash (the term "bash terminal" is meaningless). "Clearing" isn't applicable to all of them - sometimes, the nearest approximation is to tear the paper and How to clear Terminal / Shell history in Ubuntu / Linux How to clear Terminal / Shell history in Ubuntu / Linux ? The easiest way to clear history is to use “history -c” command for the current terminal. This command only clears history of current terminal and if you close the terminal and start again, you will see the last saved history from “~/.bash_history” file. How to Flush or Clear DNS Cache (Records) on Ubuntu 16.04 This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to clear or flush DNS cache database on Ubuntu systems… When you’re ready to flush Ubuntu DNS cache, follow the steps below: Before flushing Ubuntu DNS cache, you may want to run a report of the current cache size… To do that, run the commands below.. sudo systemd-resolve --statistics How to kill a process on a port on ubuntu - Stack Overflow

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command line - How to really clear the terminal? - Ask Ubuntu I can issue the clear command or press Ctrl + L to clear the current Ubuntu terminal, but this just shifts previous output upwards and if you use mouse scroll or PgUP and PgDown keys it's hard to distinguish where the output of previous command ends and output of current command begins.. Is there a way to really clear the terminal so I won't see previous command results? The 10 Easiest Ways to Keep Ubuntu System Clean

FOR UBUNTU 1- Find what application/process is using the pro, type: sudo netstat -lpn |grep :8080 and press Enter. You will get an output similar to this one. tcp6 0 0 :::8080 :::* LISTEN 6782/java 2- I have got the process Id, which is 6782, now this is the process that is using port 8080.

Linux distro review: Intel’s own Clear Linux OS | Ars Technica Installing Clear Linux. This is the only text mode you'll see if you download the Desktop ISO for Clear … How to maintain a “clean” Ubuntu Ubuntu is the most popular GNU/Linux distribution, as it has been the easiest to use for many years now, making it an obvious choice for every newcomer. This will clear out only the absolutely not necessary packages that cannot be found in the repositories anymore, or a newer version of them is located. sudo apt-get autoremove. How to clean the Linux temporary folder when it fills up Jul 31, 2019