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İstanbul Research Institute is the second significant step in the wide spectrum of culture and arts projects Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation has pioneered since its establishment in 2003, in the fields of culture, arts, education and healthcare. Poised between Europe and Asia, the vast and endlessly fascinating country of Turkey ranges from the cosmopolitan buzz of Istanbul to the mysterious ruins of ancient Troy.So, whether you want to explore remote mountain-ringed lakes, idyllic sandy beaches, dervish festivals or the spectacular relics of the Hittite, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, use our map of Turkey below to plan your trip. Access Google Drive with a free Google account (for personal use) or G Suite account (for business use). MAP OF THE TECTONIC AREAS WHICH DOMINATE TURKEY'S LANDSCAPE . Turkey is a mountainous country with several mountain ranges, the largest of which is the Taurus Mountains, which are situated along three of the earth’s strike slip, fault zones known as the North Anatolian Fault, the East Anatolian Fault and the Dead Sea Transform.

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Turkey’s capital is typically the launch pad for getting to know Turkey and the city possesses a wealth of things for tourists to see and do. Istanbul is a vast city and straddles Europe and Asia, with the line of demarcation being the massive Bosporus Strait. Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, the Aegean Coast will appeal to families that COOKING TIMES FOR ROAST TURKEY - Google Sites: Sign-in Ground turkey is sold just as ground beef, and is frequently marketed as a healthy beef substitute. Without careful preparation, cooked turkey is usually considered to end up less moist than other poultry meats such as chicken or duck. Leftovers from roast turkey are generally served as cold cuts on Boxing Day in Canada.---wikipedia

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