The N66U only has a 600Mhz CPU thus limited in routing throughput. If you don't care for the best ping, then you can use these commands to speed up routing: nvram set et_dispatch_mode=1 nvram commit reboot after reboot you should be able to achieve ~150Mbps, but your ping won't be as good.

Feb 15, 2013 · The RT-N66U can sit flat, mounted to its stand, or attached to a wall. Asus’s Quick Internet Setup wizard makes short work of configuring the router to work with your ISP’s gateway. What is the difference between Asus RT-N66U and Asus RT-N65U? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the router ranking. But this ASUS rt-n66u router did a wonderful job - very impressive. The router is placed in my garage on first floor, and all three floors of my home now has stable wifi signal. I didn't do any precise tests, but the network speed seems very good. Highly recommends this router! May 11, 2012 · Install high gain antennas (These will work on both the RT-N16 and RT-N66U) Optional overkill: Install heatsinks (These or these will work, and a guide) Increase wifi transmit power in Tomato Settings; Enjoy your re-born router! Since I upgraded to the Asus RT-N16 in November of 2011 I have been very happy. Jun 28, 2020 · Updated: 28-June-2020. Stable: RT-AC87U: 384.13_10 RT-AC3200: 384.13_10 Others: 384.18 Beta: none

Sep 30, 2010 · I have the RT-N66U and it has done well for me, but i just upgraded from 100mbs internet to 300mbs internet and the router can only deliver 200mbs at max. I get 300 consistently when the modem is directly connected to a computer.

Why is Asus RT-AC66U better than Asus RT-N66U? 850MB/s higher Wi-Fi speed? 1750MB/s vs 900MB/s; Has MAC address filtering? Supports Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)? Can you check the PC to RT-N66U data rate. Right click on the Lan connection symbol on the lower right hand corner of the monitor, select "Open Network and Sharing Center" and when the panel comes up, select the "Local Area Connection" to determine what the PC to RT-N66U data rate shows. It should read 1.0 Gbps for the speed.

Connecting the RT-N66U as an Ethernet Router. The easiest way to setup the router is to connect a computer using an Ethernet cable to one of the four LAN ports, but in its default mode the router does offer two wireless networks (2.4GHz and 5GHz) which are totally open.

Jul 20, 2020 · 4. Asus RT-N66U (N900) In current dates, RT-N66U is one of the most familiar and most promising DD-WRT routers in the market. This router has a comprehensive feature that can easily meet all the necessary requirements of most of the users. Asus RT-N56U | Full Specifications: Connectivity technology: Wireless; Wired, Communication mode: Full-Duplex; Half-Duplex, Number of LAN ports: 4, Number of WAN I notice that when I check the internet speed through the hub 3000 via WiFi I am getting around 400mbps. I want to use my Asus RT-N66U router instead. So I turned off WiFi on the hub 3000 and I have connected a cable from the LAN1 port from the hub 3000 to my Asus router. I now how WiFi however my speed is now only 90ish Mbps.