Sep 07, 2007 · OpenDNS user Zach Weigand just released version 1.0 of his freeware AppleScript application for keeping OpenDNS updated as dynamic IP addresses change. We’d seen the work brewing, and it’s fun to share his work with a wider audience. I know many OpenDNS users on Macs can benefit from this focused utility. Go to to […]

Anybody know how to bypass openDNS? : mac Basically openDNS works because your router is set to give out the openDNS addresses out when someone configures their connection using DHCP. Since you are now giving it a non filtered DNS server manually this will achieve what you want. Please note this is all from memory as I am not near my mac right now so please forgive any inaccuracies. How to Use OpenDNS for Free Home Internet Security And Jun 17, 2020 . Visit the site. Launch site in a new window. Tagged: Business Services . Flag for Review (sign in) Portals added on 2008-02-21 by OpenDNS User: Rejected Webmail added on 2008-02-21

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