SSTP VPN is modern and secure VPN which allows you to connect even through some firewalls because it uses TCP port 443 which is also for secure http (https). And moreover this VPN is very secure, much more than very popular PPTP which is currently not secure at all. Configure SSTP VPN on Windows Server is very simple and fast.

5 Best SSTP VPN Services & Reasons to Use SSTP Protocol in Jan 08, 2019 SSTP - The Wireshark Wiki Capture SSTP traffic over the default port (443): tcp port 443; SSTP dissector availability. The SSTP dissector was merged into Wireshark in February of 2015. Thus it is available in versions 1.99.3 and later. External links. MS-SSTP Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) - MSDN Documentation of SSTP… SSTP step-by-step - MikroTik Wiki SSTP client from the laptop should connect to routers public IP which in our example is Please, consult the respective manual on how to set up a SSTP client with the software You are using. If you set up SSTP client on Windows and self-signed certificates are used, then CA certificate should be added to trusted root. VPN Encryption Types | OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP/IpSec, SSTP

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Connect to VPN Gate by Using MS-SSTP VPN Protocol

Connect to VPN Gate by Using MS-SSTP VPN Protocol If the port number of the SSTP server is not 443, you should append a suffix as ":port number". Please make sure that you copy the "Hostname for SSTP Connection" (green-color fonts) exactly from the VPN Servers List page. If the username and password prompting screen appears, input "vpn" (3-letters) on both username and password field. How to change SSTP port