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My Power Usage helps you monitor how much electricity you're using each day and projects the amount of your monthly bill. It is updated every 24 hours, so you can adjust your energy consumption according to your lifestyle and budget. And you'll have 24/7 access to your usage information on Choose Data then Data overview from the top menu to visit My Usage. Choose View previous usage near the top right. Using the data dropdown at the top right, choose a billing period within the last 90 days. Scroll down to view the data, talk and text log for each line. You can choose Download as a spreadsheet at the top right. Check out internet data usage calculators, read tips, and check monthly data usage with support tools from AT&T. MyUsage allows any member to monitor their daily electrical consumption vs the daily high and low outside temperature. A link to a PDF file (portable document format) of your bill is also available. You can set up alerts within the app to inform you when your bill has posted or if your usage is higher than normal. MyUsage Mobile allows you to get information about your utility service anytime, anywhere. It’s fast, easy, and convenient. If your home, apartment, or business has a smart meter, you can get information 24/7 about how much you’re using – and how much it’s costing you. Usage Monitoring account creation is simple and straightforward at the MyUsage website. Customers can create their own account online by providing their name, zip code, PUD account number, and the email address to which alerts will be sent. Customers may also contact us at (360) 423-2210 to create a Usage Monitoring account. In the 'My current usage' section on the main screen, view usage or click See my usage to view usage for specific lines. Click Usage under the ‘My phone’ section and then click View all account usage to view usage for specific lines. View usage for a specific line by selecting Manage > Recent Use from the top navigation bar. Need some help?

My offers all MLEC members the opportunity to: Track your daily usage. By monitoring energy usage and adjusting habits and appliance operation, you can reduce the amount of electricity you use each day and save money! Monitor how daily temperatures influence the amount of energy used at your home.

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Resources: Activate Your Account; Frequently Asked Questions; User Manual; Printable Information Brochure; Granbury Utility Customer, We encourage you to activate your free customer utility portal and enjoy all of the features this new tool has to offer!

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative P.O. Box 240 Centerville, TN 37033 Phone: 931-729-3558 Do I need to sign up to view my usage dashboard? When I click the link, I only see daily activity. How can I view hourly activity? I do not see a "View Usage" button on myOUC Online Profile. Why? What is the benefit of seeing daily and hourly activity? What are the red and blue lines/dots on the usage charts? My Usage Content Editor. View My Usage. View detailed information on the usage associated with your account. L3 Content ‭[4]‬ How I Use Energy My Usage is a tool that provides access to daily consumption and other helpful tools 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a free service available through My Account to help you better understand how and when you are using electricity, natural gas and water before you receive your bill. View My Usage. View detailed information on the usage associated with your account. My usage. View my usage. Compare energy to weather, monthly bills, and more. View my usage . Analyze my usage. Take a home energy analysis to get a personalized