SCMDM actually adds Windows Mobile Devices to Active Directory and provides group policy management of the device security as well as a separate VPN connection optimized for Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile 6.1 is required to support SCMDM.

SSL-VPN Connection Service (Windows 8 Edition) (Fig. 6-1-10). * Depending on the Windows taskbar settings, all may already be visible including the SSLicons - VPN connection icon (a padlock). (j) If the SSL-VPN connection icon is displayed as below, the SSL-VPN installation and connection are complete (Fig. 6-1-10). * It may take one to two minutes before the icon is displayed. Connection VPN through of RRAS Windows 2003 Oct 13, 2011

Apr 17, 2013

Jun 08, 2017 AskF5 | Release Notes: F5 Access for Windows 10 1.2 If a VPN connection is already established and the user starts the F5 Access app, the user cannot navigate past the splash screen. As a workaround, disconnect the VPN connection and restart the application. 586020: If a user disconnects the VPN connection and then attempts to reconnect immediately, the VPN fails to connect. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Administrator

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