After you download the Linksys E2500 Wireless Driver open Windows Explorer / select Download Folder & select Compression or Programs 2. Then open the file that you downloaded, look for setup.exe and double click to install

13. Does Linksys E2500 have Guest access and Parental controls in the web-based setup page? Yes. You can also set up and access these features using the Linksys Connect Software. To learn how to set up Guest access on the router’s web-based setup page, click here. To set up the Guest access feature using Linksys Connect, click here. LINKSYS E2500 Initial Setup & Config - Home Network Central Sep 09, 2019 Configuration for Linksys routers: E1200, E1500, E2500

Leave the WAN/uplink port of the E2500 NOT connected. In the E2500 you have to disable DHCP because the Belkin is already handling that. And for various reasons (DNS mainly) with consumer-equipment in most cases that is best done by the internet-facing router. Configure the WIFI of the E2500 as usual.

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