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Jul 12, 2020 Ubuntu Manpage: gpg-agent - Secret key management for GnuPG When a key is added, ssh-add will ask for the password of the provided key file and send the unprotected key material to the agent; this causes the gpg-agent to ask for a passphrase, which is to be used for encrypting the newly received key and storing it in a gpg-agent specific directory. How to enable SSH access using a GPG key for Enable the GPG subkey. When you use SSH, a program called ssh-agent is used to manage the keys. To use a GPG key, you'll use a similar program, gpg-agent, that manages GPG keys.To get gpg-agent to handle requests from SSH, you need to enable support by adding the line enable-ssh-support to the ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf.

The upgrader checks that the image-master key is DIRECTLY signed by the ARCHIVE MASTER key which it has locally. Once all checks pass, the file is unpacked and applied ; compromised device key. procedure. Revoke the key if possible and publish to the GPG network ; Add the key to the blacklist keyring, have the keyring signed by the IMAGE MASTER key

Signatures — RabbitMQ gpg --verify rabbitmq-server_3.7.15-1_all.deb.asc rabbitmq-server_3.7.15-1_all.deb gpg: Signature made Sun May 19 03:17:41 2019 MSK gpg: using RSA key 6B73A36E6026DFCA gpg: using subkey 0xEDF4AE3B59B046FA instead of primary key 0x6B73A36E6026DFCA gpg: using PGP trust model gpg: Good signature from "RabbitMQ Signing Key

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