2019-1-8 · Welcome to Sputnik We provide cloud-managed guest Wi-Fi solutions used in thousands of hotspots across the globe. New: Sputnik Announces Merger with Lokket. Guest Wi-Fi That Delivers. Sputnik Announces Merger with Lokket A full-stack solution for … #1673 (Sputnik fails to start EKO svn14853 E2000) – DD-WRT Sputnik fails to start. Flashed, 30-30-30, made no changes other than enable Sputnik and it fails to start even after a reboot. Sputnik nor apd show in a ps. If I try to start Sputnik from a command line, I get: sputnik: can't load library 'libshared.so' Downgrade to dd-wrt.v24-14567_NEWD-2_K2.6_std_usb_ftp-e2000.bin and Sputnik starts as intended. 什么是 "DD-WRT"? - DD-WRT Wiki 2019-1-4 · DD-WRT是一个用于无线路由器的的第三方固件,采用 GPL 协议,支持基于 Broadcom 或 Atheros 芯片参考设计的许多 ieee802.11a/b/g/h/n 无线路由器。 固件是由 BrainSlayer 来维护的,放在dd-wrt.com。DD-WRT 的第一个版本基于Sveasoft Inc 公司的 Alchemy 开发出来的, 而 Alchemy 又是基于 GPL 的 Linksys固件及许多其它开源程序。 #1193 (Sputnik Hotspot missing in Eko Mega 12606 - DD … Sputnik Hotspot missing in Eko Mega 12606 wrt610n. However I do not see anything regarding such a change in Timeline.

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2009-8-24 Create a private Hotspot with DD-WRT - TipsMake DD-WRT V23 SP2 supports three types of hotspots: 1. NoCatSplash: A simple captive portal with a custom landing page.. 2. ChilliSpot: A captive portal client / server source, which can support the implementation of policies and promotion (illustrated in the image above).. 3. Sputnik: A commercial captive portal client / server like ChilliSpot but supported by subscription costs and a nice, full Flashing EnGenius devices with Sputnik-Powered DD-WRT

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 16:20 Post subject: Configuring DD-WRT as HotSpot with Sputnik: Hello, i would like to integrate 3 HotSpots to my LAN. SputnikNet seems to be ideal for my purposes. Unfortunately I have no Idea how to setup DD-WRT, - to prevent HotSpot User from accessing the private LAN

Dec 11, 2008 · Sputnik (sputnik.com) offers a free service called SputnikNet Express that I've gotten to work with Netgear open source router. SputnikNet Express uses a DDWRT build to connect to your account with them. With SputnikNet Express installed on your WGR614L, you can: Brand a login page (while limited, it's decent for most rollouts) Block private nets Hi guys, I am now trying to compile DD-WRT by myself to install it on my WNR3500L. I have downloaded all source codes and toolchains from the DD-WRT's web site and their SVN. But their tutorials looks old, and some of them can not be applied to the current revision. (Especially, to compile the toolchains.) After your Ubiquiti device has been flashed with Sputnik-powered DD-WRT firmware, the Sputnik default port behavior will be: -the RJ-45 Cat5 Ethernet port on the left is for LAN (local area networking) and PoE (power over Ethernet) -the Ethernet port on the right is for WAN (wide area networking, or broadband backhaul to the internet) - default