To update Google Chrome: On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click Update Google Chrome. Important: If you can't find this button, you're on the latest version. Click Relaunch. The browser saves your opened tabs and windows and reopens them automatically when it restarts. Your Incognito windows won't reopen when Chrome How to Update Google Chrome in Windows 10 Manually If it gets a response of the latest update, then it’ll download and install it on your computer. After the installation, you’ll see a “Relaunch” button right there. Just click on it to restart the browser. That’s it. This is the way to update Google Chrome in Windows 10 manually. How To Manually Update Google Chrome - Tech Junkie

Oct 25, 2016

Chrome will automatically check for updates As soon as you open the "About" screen for Chrome, it will automatically start to check if there are any updates available for your copy of Chrome. If there are updates available it will start to download them. You don't need to do anything to start this process. Red: This is an update that was released at least a week ago; How To Update Chrome Manually. Assuming there’s an update available for download, click the icon next to your profile photo that looks like three dots stacked vertically; Click Update Google Chrome (this feature won’t be available if you’re on the latest version of Chrome already) Chrome frequently flags as out of date, requiring me to update via the GUI and relaunch which is quite a hassle. We'd really like to be able to make sure Chrome is updated in a startup script/schedule so end-users aren't constantly required to manually update and relaunch. Feb 18, 2015 · The Chrome extensions just update themselves in the background, unlike many addons in Mozilla Firefox that ask you to restart the browser to manually apply the latest update.

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