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medium above. - ATCC ATCC Medium: 1099 CYE Buffered Medium Base Medium Yeast Extract (BD 212750)……………………………10.0 g Charcoal (Sigma C-5510 BCYE Agar (Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract), for Hardy Diagnostics Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract (BCYE) Agar formulations are recommended for use in the cultivation and primary isolation of Legionella spp. in water and other samples suspected of harboring the bacteria. Do not ingest, inhale, or allow to come into contact with skin. This product is for in vitro diagnostic use only. BUFFERED CYE SELECTIVE AGAR (BCYE w/ GPCV) (CYE) Agar.3 Pasculle et al. modified CYE Agar by adding ACES buffer (N-2-acetamido-2-aminoethane-sulfonic acid) to create Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract (BCYE) Agar.4 In 1981, Edelstein added α-ketoglutarate to BCYE Agar which improved the recovery of

Charcoal-yeast extract agar is a new bacteriological medium that supports excellent growth of the Legionella pneumophila. It results from modifications made in an existing L. pneumophila medium, F-G agar. Yeast extract, instead of an acid hydrolysate of casein, serves as the protein source. Beef extractives and starch are not added.

Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract Agar - an overview Joe Simmons, Susan Gibson, in Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research (Second Edition), Volume 2, 2012. Diagnosis. Francisella tularensis can be cultured aerobically using chocolate agar, buffered charcoal yeast extract agar, Thayer-Martin agar, Mueller-Hinton broth, etc.The organism grows slowly, so cultures often take 48 h to grow and plates should be observed daily for 10–14 days. Growth medium - Wikipedia

Can someone suggest a pH 3-4 buffer system for yeast shake

Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth, pH 7.3 ± 0.1: M192: Buffered Peptone Water (BPW) M192a: Modified Buffered Peptone water with pyruvate (mBPWp) and Acriflavin-Cefsulodin-Vancomycin (ACV Dehydrated Culture Media and Ingredients - BD